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“I exist to inspire authenticity in the lives of those around me so they experience abundant living, meaningful success and infinite happiness for themselves and others. “

About Dymond

Sherri Dymond Sanjurjo is a take-charge business-woman, writer and dynamic speaker who expertly balances, career, ministry and family.  In 2015, Dymond released her first book “The Metamorphosis… A Dymond Story.”   In The Metamorphosis, Dymond shares the early part of her life story with a transparency that people relate to and often gravitate to her for.

Her candid way of speaking truth, mixed with love and hope allow others the mirror they need to see themselves clearly and inspired enough to make real transformational change. Dymond is currently working on the second of the trilogy entitled “LOVE IS… A Dymond Story” which should be released by Christmas 2019.

Biography (Con’t)

She is a member of the International Association of Women, (a global network of professional women) and serves on the board of Arise Ministry (a non-profit organization whose mandate is to advocate and reclaim those involved in the sex-trade through empowerment).  She also lends her time and energy to voluntarily serve at her home church, Kingdom House Christian Centre, as head of the consolidation ministry (connecting new believers to programs and services that will facilitate their spiritual growth and maturity).

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur she held positions such as project manager, recruiter, marketing manager, executive assistant, and program delivery specialist.  Today Dymond is growing as an astute business women, she has been integral in


the success of Dymond Enterprise as she serves as CEO, Life Coach, Senior Trainer & Speaker.

Dymond’s mission and mandate is to inspire people to awaken to their Dymond potential (a.k.a. most authentic self) so they can have a fuller more meaningful experience in their careers, personal relationships, with God and most importantly with themselves. She does this through real-life coaching, 1-on-1 mentoring, corporate training, a variety of speaking engagements and workshops.  Her down to earth yet vibrant style of speaking and connecting with others keeps her audiences engaged, her and her clients empowered.

Dymond resides in Brampton, Ontario and is the proud mother of Danyel, Vyctoria and Immanyuel who continue to strive for authentic moments in their own lives.

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